We Protect Your Sites Like Our OwnSM

Our Strength

Our unique patented Redundant Live Monitoring Systems offer you unparalleled reliability, and superb results on protecting your sites. Our remotely activated flashing lights, verbal warnings, and loud sirens can effectively drive intruders away. We have high caliber employees as they are carefully chosen, well compensated and highly trained.  We have the best technologies, yet the typical cost of our service is less than 20% of a guard, and we are overwhelmingly more effective.

The Company

Jatagan Security offers many cutting edge surveillance technologies that will protect your property and assets in a most cost effective manner. Jatagan’s expertise in outdoor security surveillance extends far beyond the other products and services available in the market today. We provide innovative solutions that can address challenging constraints such as lack of power, communication lines, or light.


Guard vs Video Surveillance

While no security measure can claim     100% effectiveness all the time, some are more effective than others, particularly under certain circumstances. For example, security guards and patrols can be effective for indoor security as the movement of a guard is not as easily detected and access control can be implemented to limit points of entry.  However, in an outdoor environment, effectiveness of guard services can easily be foiled.


Prevent & STOP Crime In Progress!

Intelligent Eyes Providing Peace Of MindSM

 Solar Mobile Guard™

  Mobile Guard™

Only Results Count

We are obsessed with delivering outstanding results that you can count on. The following figures are based on our regularly updated statistics during the preceding 12 months:

Avg. Per Site Intrusion Attempts:

6.0 per month

Crime Prevention Success Rate:


*Last updated 1/2/2015

Products & Services

For continued reliability and successful crime prevention, effective outdoor security surveillance requires sophisticated equipment that must be deployed and maintained by highly trained professionals. Jatagan’s surveillance systems are not for sale, but are available as a range of surveillance services designed for your specific needs. We currently offer our patented Mobile Guards™, Mounted Guards™, and Satellite Guards™.


Jatagan Difference

Jatagan focuses on delivering excellent results at competitive prices. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and do our best to protect your property and assets like our own. We take all assignments, big and small, very seriously and execute them with utmost professionalism.  Our goals are to offer superior products and services, and to earn the highest customer satisfaction. We believe in continuous improvement, the best can still get better!


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